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Etheleo is a family business, producing essential oils , hydrolates and cosmetics derived from its own cultivation of aromatic medicinal plants.


Its vision is the production of natural products, without chemicals and additives, that pay attention on the the land of Western Macedonia in Greece.

Its name stands for ethics (Eth- Ethical) and essential oil (Eleo-oil), as the importane of its beeing is the ethical trade,the respect for the environment, the people and the animals.

The company cultivates its aromatic plants, in isolated ecosystems that have an excellent microclimate, far from intensive crops, at a high altitude around the lake of Polyphytos Kozani, but also in the area of Eordaia.
This also The company is certified as an organic producer of aromatic medicinal plants and also as an organic manufacturer of essential oils and hydrolats from these crops.

Cultivation, manufacturing and packaging is done under the codes of Good Agricultural Practice

organic farming and under the guidelines of ISO 22716:2007 and ISO 22000:2018.

The company has a vertically integrated production, thus having full control over all stages from the cultivation and distillation of the raw materials to the packaging and trade of the final products.

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ETHELEO LP Establishment